The Adventures of George Mercado

Within these pages you will find documented blogs, photos and videos which define the journey of a simple man. A man who loves the great outdoors, loves to shoot photography and simply loves to explore every facet of his life. This is the journey of my existence, where it takes me I do not know, what I will find there is a mystery to me.  The desire to explore is my therapy, it is the pathway to inner peace. The passion of the journey fuels me venture forth from the madness of society, to the sanctity and simplicity of God & nature.

It is there where I feel the most at home, there where I yearn to roam, and there where I find serenity and calm. Those that know me, know where my heart is. Those that do not will never truly grasp my reasoning until they have walked a mile in my boots.

Adventure Blog

Every blog recaps our experience, every word captures the moment, every image defines the story. I try my best to share with you what we encounter. I do so, so that perhaps it will inspire you to begin a journey of your own. An adventure that you can share with us as we do with you. 

God puts people in your life

In these trouble times, it seems so many people are lost. So many people find themselves running around like a chicken without a head, trying desperately to fit in, to get their lives in order. I can honestly state that this is, as I feel like this ever so often. It...

The Rescue

Myakka State Park It started off as a day like an other day, with the exception that we were going to traverse Myakka state park. Betty and I got ourselves ready to meet Captain Planet and his friend, who was waiting for us at the park. Upon our arrival, we were...

My Dearest friend

The most sincere and wisest statement ever made to me was from my dear friend "Betty Osceola". She stated that the word "friend" is tossed about too loosely nowadays. That way too many people calling each other friends, when they clearly fail to grasp the true...

The storm we escaped

 One too close for comfortBetty Osceola, myself and Captain Planet arose one morning and ventured off with Buffalo Tiger Airboat tours on a private excursion hopping islands. It was a cool and clouded day unlike the previous days before it. The humidity in the air was...

I have been away…..

I have been away, for life alas leads us astray.  It has been two years since I came into my site, since I uploaded photos of even bothered to blog. So many things have happened in that time frame which distracted me from what I loved. I will not get into my life. nor...

Adventure Videos

Here you will find some of my videos, some of our memories and some of the amazing experiences we have had. I will say some may not be kid friendly, I will work on toning down my profanity in the future.  It is just that when you are driven by excitement and the thrill of the adventure. Well you merely blurt out that which comes to mind, not thinking twice of what was said. This is human nature, this is me and I will not sugarcoat it because it may offend some people. This is life, its raw, natural, uncensored and truly magically with its emotional highs and lows. Nothing is scripted, nothing is planned, and nothing is set in stone other than the fact that our time is limited on this earth. So we must truly enjoy every fragment of life that we can, every experience, every feeling of emotions and every journey.

Conservation Area 3A

Fish Eating Creek

Camping The Creek

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