SO IT BEGINS:  (March 20th 2018)

First and first and foremost I need to thank Jack Shealy from Trail Glades Campground for today he reminded me of how I used to love to write.  It truly has been ages since I put my thoughts and feelings onto a page and his words to me today hit home. In truth It seemed due to business and life, I have strayed from my writing, strayed from expressing whom I am. Something I have always done regardless what others thought of me or labelled me.

So now it begins, as of today I will start sharing with the world my emotions, my thoughts and experiences on this website. Perhaps it will give you an insight of whom I am, perhaps it may inspire you to do the same, or perhaps it will make you think and reflect on life itself. How you perceive it is up to you, it is open to your interpretations as is everything else in life. I make no attempt to sway the thoughts of others, I am just merely documenting my experiences, my memories and my stories for the son. I do so that he may never forget who his dad is, and how his dad loves the world, loves God and loves every aspect of nature.