Minutes turn to hours, days turn into nights as time swiftly passes by like a blink of an eye it is gone. Sometimes way to quick to grasp, to comprehend or take account what just transpired, what has been lost. The young are quick to rush through life without learning from their elders, thus acting as if they know it all. Alas, this reminds me of my yesteryears, of when I was so young, naive and ignorant as they. I look back at those times and smile for it was a learning process that led me to this state I am today. I must face the fact that I am no longer the young but instead an elder.

Alas an elder…………

The elders beg for another day to teach the young that do not listen nor wish to learn. It is a cycle like all else, always repeating from young to old, from old to young. Those who listen, those who learn are saved from the torment that is yet to come. Those who do not listen, who do not learn, they must repeat the pain and anguish that their ancestors before them have endured. It is a never ending cycle of life and we are merely part of the process, a piece of the puzzle, one grain of sand on the beaches of eternity.

What we choose to do, or what we choose not defines out outcome. Who will tell our story?

~ George Mercado