I have been away, for life alas leads us astray.  It has been two years since I came into my site, since I uploaded photos of even bothered to blog.
So many things have happened in that time frame which distracted me from what I loved. I will not get into my life. nor the things that have changed, for they bear no importance to this blog. What I will state is that I am happy to be back sharing my thoughts, images and videos. I will state here and now, that I promise to pursue this journey of life, because that is what God wants me to do. I will not allow meaningless distractions to steal away my passion, nor my will to explore. Instead I will chase that dream, pursue those opportunities and follow that path to adventure that still awaits me.  Whether is may be within this state or abroad, I will continue to shoot photos and videos for those who find enjoyment in them.  I do this for you and for my son and wife, so that they may be reminded that life is truly the adventure you make of it.

– George Mercado