The most sincere and wisest statement ever made to me was from my dear friend “Betty Osceola”. She stated that the word “friend” is tossed about too loosely nowadays. That way too many people calling each other friends, when they clearly fail to grasp the true definition of such a word.  A friend to some may have not the same meaning as to others, especially to those who are of the olden ways. For alas, a friend to me is a person who loves me for me, even with all my flaws. A person who supports me as I support them, who judges me not and who is there to lift me when I crash, as I would they. A friend to me will not mistreat you, abuse you, take advantage of you or talk ill of you. A real friend, you can trust with your home, your family, your possessions and even your life. For you know they would never cause you harm, nor tear you down to get ahead. Instead they will rejoice in your victories and your accomplishments as you do theirs.

Perhaps indeed the word “friend” has been taken out of context, twisted or stated too loosely unto others. For I have had many whom called me friends and treated me worse than enemy, many who stated they would stand by and instead pushed me aside. I am certain that all can understand such an experience, for we have all crossed that road before. Yet let us not harbor on such feelings, but rather focus on those whom are true friends. For I have many who have been by my side for numerous decades, those whom I call true friends.

One of my Dearest being Betty Osceola, for she is my true friend, my sister, my buddy and someone whom I respect and love immensely.