Myakka State Park

It started off as a day like an other day, with the exception that we were going to traverse Myakka state park. Betty and I got ourselves ready to meet Captain Planet and his friend, who was waiting for us at the park. Upon our arrival, we were warned by the park rangers about venomous snakes and floating ant piles within the flooded trails. We know oh too well on these matters, as we have experienced them before within the Big Cypress Preserve. Never the less, we still ventured forth to enjoy a day of hiking in the beauty of Myakka State Park. I will say the trails were wet, sloppy, muddy and surely overgrown in many areas. Yet that is what makes a hike ever so amazing, to be able to experience the wild in all its splendor and glory, This is what the journey is all about, just you and nature against all odds, exploring its unspoiled beauty with no outside distractions.

We hiked over 6 miles that day and upon the last trek of that hike, we stumbled upon a young lady walking on the trail, I will not lie that I was surprised to see her. I jokingly told her that we were her rescue party, that we have been looking for her for hours. She asked whether we really were her rescue party, in which I answered “Not really, but its the best we can do”.  She then admitted to us that she lost her way, and we simply told her to continue on the path. That is she did so, she would soon reach the paved road. So she she went on her way as we went ours, never once looking back.

Shortly after our connection with her, we paused to take a break and to drink some water. That is when we noticed she was now backtracking from that path and walking toward us. That is when we realized she was really lost and she needed a way out. Betty told her to come with us, that we would get her out.  Betty offered to drive her to her husband’s vehicle which was located in another part of the park.  As she walked with us, she explained to us that she went for a short walk, and got lost. She didn’t mean to be out there for so long, that her husband and kids must be worried. I could understand what she meant as there was no phone reception out there, which makes it a very dangerous situation.

I offered her water which she denied numerous times, until I asked her the question of how long it had been since she drank water.  She told me the last time she did, was when she left her vehicle numerous hours ago. I quickly opened my water bottle and insisted she drink, for dehydration can break you down in an instance, especially during a hike in high humidity.

We were blessed that day because we were meant to go kayaking not hiking. Fortunately for us the river was too fast, it was going to rain, and the winds picked up. This prevented us from kayaking, so we chose a hike instead. Betty seeing that I was frustrated due to the news of no kayaking, told me that we did not go kayaking for a reason. She stated that the creator had plans for us in Myakka, and that it will make itself known. We now her words were true, for had we never went hiking. We would never find her, nor assist her, nor had the opportunity to make a new friend.  That day ended with us getting out safely, getting her back to her husband, exchanging info and leaving Myakka with a smile on our faces.  God puts people in your path for a reason, because they were meant to be there to experience the journey with you.

This is part of the journey, part of the adventure, part of the great escape from society and its madness.


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