In these trouble times, it seems so many people are lost. So many people find themselves running around like a chicken without a head, trying desperately to fit in, to get their lives in order. I can honestly state that this is, as I feel like this ever so often. It is a never ending battle between the demons in your heart, the madness of society and the ever burning light within. It is a challenge everyday when we arise, and even more so when we lay our heads to sleep. There are days we want to escape, just run away from everyone and everything. Yet in our minds we know that is not possible, for we are grown ups, we are adult and running away is what children do.  Instead we must face our responsibilities, must wage war against our demons, and must fight to stay alive, to thrive and to overcome.

Yet ever so often,  we must not forget that the trinity of life consists of mind, body and spirit. You cannot build one and neglect the other parts, you  must build them all equally in order to be complete spiritually.  Therefore is why an escape is essential, if only for a day, a night, a week. Time to refresh, to rebuild, to regather your thoughts and to recharge your soul. For to not do so would surely make you ill, and weaken your free will. Alas, there are times in which I venture off with those whom I care about, those who are like me, those who have the need to be free. Whether it be with my family or my very close friends, the adventure is always calling. Mother Earth is always beckoning me near, so she can hold me, caress me, and take away those thoughts that I shouldn’t have.

It is hard to stay positive when all that know crumbles beneath you. Hard to stay motivated when the weight upon your shoulders attempts to crush you. Hard to stay positive when evil is creating chaos in this world, and people are turning on each other like wild animals. This is the break down of society, the madness of civilization, the infectious state of dwindling common sense.  This is why the journey is essential, why we must free ourselves of these shackles that enslave us to society. Only in nature will we find the peace, the serenity, the calm, the cure that will lessen the weight, break the chains, and place us closer to God. Only in nature will we truly be free to soar, to explore, to grow and to be who God always wanted us to be.

Thanks to Betty Oceola and Kristin Mora who joined me today on a beautiful adventure. An adventure into friendships, into nature, into a part of us that was ever so yearning to be free.




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