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Age of Decay

Photography by Everglades Photographer, George Mercado

There isn’t a place where he have ever ventured to that we did not find some sense of decay. Places where burned down buildings and vacant vehicles were left to rot and wither away. The memories that once were there are no longer remembered for the souls have moved on. What once was a thriving place was now a wasteland, what once served a purpose is no more. You have to think of these moments in time and appreciate them for what they once were. For each can paint a picture or tell a story in the farthest corner of our minds if we stop and merely listen. What some perceive to be nothing more than trash can holds secrets and memories that will no longer be ever repeated. They indeed do a have a story to tell of those who have been here, of those who once owned these fragments of time.

~ George Mercado
Everglades Photographer / Exploration Florida


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