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Everglades Collection

By Everglades Photographer, George Mercado 

George Mercado loves everything about the Florida Everglades, it is his refuge away from the insanity of humanity. It is the place where he can find calm among God & Nature, and where no one or nothing will judge him. Many of his friends thinks he is insane to venture off into the wild alone, but George thinks otherwise. The everglades keeps him on his toes, he is always aware of his surroundings and never ever will he endanger his life to take a photo. Surely he does take risks at times, but nothing to grave or foolish. It is not because he may be afraid to take such risks, but rather because he has a beautiful son waiting for him at home that needs his daddy.

Within the glades George respects all of God’s creatures, and all of the ancestral spirits that may reside there. He knows he is just a guest in their domain and thus he treats it with the most upmost respect.  The following images are a small sample taken on some of this spirit quests into the glades. He will be adding a great deal more images, however,  it takes time to process thousands of images so please keep checking back.