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Everglades Birds

By Everglades Photographer, George Mercado 

As George Mercado heads off on his journey, he never thinks about bird photography. However, if the opportunity presents itself, he will snap the photo. The beauty about Florida is the vast array of fowl in the air. You can find the bird population in abundance in certain areas. Sometimes if you are lucky, you get to witness some of Florida’s most beautiful birds. They range from small to large, from beautiful to downright ugly in their own way. However, to me they are all beautiful and have earned a spot in existence.

There is surely a magical feeling as you sit out in the glades listening to the sounds of nature, the calls and songs of the birds that reside there. It is a soothing sound that makes you smile sometimes from ear to ear.  It is unfortunate that I have never really taken the opportunity to really focus on all the birds out there, but soon enough I will. I have ordered a new zoom lens and am looking forward to making the most of it.

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