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Exploration Florida

By Everglades Photographer, George Mercado 

Exploration Florida is not only a brand created by George Mercado but a movement. It is the journey of one man as he traverses across the great state of Florida. His journey which sometimes is not alone is often accompanied by other great photographer friends. Individuals who like George have found a common ground and a like minded passion. Exploration Florida is not about egos, drama, competition or bragging rights. It is about self discovery within oneself and outwards unto the world.  It is about the adventure, the thrill, and the feeling one gets from exploring the vast known.

Exploration Florida to George is about everything he believes in and everything he instills in his child.  It is a spiritual journey, a quest, a walkabout where those involved find love, friendship and a bonding experience.  In this crazy, insane world where madness runs amok, George believes there is healing within it all.  He believes that we can coexist as one, we can find strength in numbers and we achieve anything if our heart is in it and our passion for it is relentless. Exploration Florida exists to document the life of George and his friends and to remind the world how beautiful life is, as is God’s creatures.

Photos are copyrighted by George Mercado as part of the Exploration Florida Series. Some of these images are available for purchase as prints, others will be used in an upcoming coffee table book by George Mercado. We hope you like the images displayed for they mean the world to us, for each one was a cherish memory that we shall never forget.

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