George Mercado

The Artist

“Who I am matters little, what I am matters less. To know me is to love me, to hate me your own demise. I am no pawn, no pauper, no puppet on a string. I am a reflection of what is bestowed upon me. For born was I in the year of the dragon, nineteen hundred sixty four, blue blood baby, life simply fading but father granted me life once more. It is that life that I cherish and live to the fullest potential. It is that life that inspires me to create, to document, to love and to inspire the world to love each day as if their last, Because it is not what we attain in life that defines our existence, but rather how many lives we have positively touched along the way that does.”
~ George Mercado

George Mercado, was born and raised in New York City, New York, but his interest for art really ignited after his family moved to Queens NY. It was in Queens that George’s entrepreneur mindset really took shape. In his early 20s, he started a small side business with his friends doing spray paint murals for local businesses. George was always considered an exceptional artist, a leader among his friends. Graffiti for him was one of those defining moments in his life which he shall never forget. Where for some graffiti is a vandals game, for the urban street kid who embraces it. It becomes a right of passage, a way to express their art and become accepted among their artist peers.

Almost two decades later. George left the Graffiti scene and relocated to Florida with his wife Margeaux. At that time he was an independent web, graphic and multimedia professional proficient in various productivity software. He became a managing agent for various multi-million dollar firms, agents and celebrities and was hired to handle all facets of their online presence. It was his love for digital art  that consumed his artistic passions, and became a new medium to explore. However, for more than 20 years he had retired his brushes and spray cans, until one fateful night  It was on that night when George met the Artist Perego who inspired him to paint again.

Artist Perego & George

2nd place winner.

George Mercado
Spray paint artist

George, Miro, Sookie
NYC Old School

George, JC Bravo
Artists & Friends

George & Perego

There is a certain passion that burns in the heart and soul of George that many will never grasp or understand. A passion that defines logic and that drives him to do the things he does. He is not driven by success, nor fame, nor fortune, but rather the opposite. He is driven by love, by inspiration, by the amazing means to be expressive. His art is driven by his intuition like most of his creations, driven by the sheer will to create, to be, to exist as we were always deemed to do so.  After all as George would say, in order to truly understands an artist, one must an artist.

George is still currently painting canvases and commissions for a select group of clients. Unfortunately in his hectic life with all the businesses and ventures he is part of. He just doesn’t have the time to commit to art, because to him it is just a hobby. It was never something he wanted to do for a living. He believes that if he did art for a living, then it would be fueled by money and not by passion. So thus is why art to him is nothing more than another avenue of expression which he uses to heal the soul.

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